Guaranteed Tax Filing

The complexity of employment tax law has become a major issue for many businesses. Tax deposits must be made in an accurate and timely manner or companies risk incurring significant penalties and interest from the Internal Revenue Service or State Department of Revenue. Most employers are now mandated to deposit taxes and file returns electronically. Tax laws are constantly changing and businesses must make sure they are in compliance with the most recent regulations. BizChecks Payroll can help!

BizChecks Payroll offers guaranteed tax filing services. Companies can choose from several tax options:

Complete Tax FilingBizChecks Payroll will calculate and file federal, state, and unemployment taxes on your behalf. Payroll taxes will be calculated with each payroll and debited from your account on the effective date. BizChecks Payroll will then make the your federal and state deposits electronically. Quarterly returns will be prepared and filed with the appropriate taxing authority and you will receive copies.

Tax PreparationBizChecks Payroll offers companies the option of filing their own taxes (many payroll companies no longer offer this service). Under this option, BizChecks Payroll will prepare tax reports and the client is responsible for filing the tax returns and making the tax deposits. BizChecks will prepare the quarterly returns based on the information provided to us but the client will be responsible for the filing of these returns.