FSC Filing

 Unless specifically exempted by the state, all employers must complete an FSC filing indicating the number of hours worked by employees each quarter.  BizChecks Payroll can complete this filing for any employer with fewer than 11 full time equivalent employees.  For those employers with more than 11 full time employees, we will provide you with a quarterly wage report so that you may complete the filing.  BizChecks also works with a number of local experts who can provide assistance with compliance and audit issues.

Although all businesses may be required to complete the Fair Share Contribution (FSC) Filing, not all employers are required to offer health insurance to employees.  Only businesses with eleven (11) or more full time equivalent employees must offer health insurance or pay the per employee fine.

BizChecks Payroll is always happy to complete the Fair Share Contribution filing for our clients upon request. We make sure that your filings are completed in a timely and accurate manner.  Call or email Laurie Drago or Rachel Dean to sign up for this service.