Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit has quickly become the most utilized payroll disbursement method. Direct Deposit is easy, efficient, and a great benefit for your employees. Employees have immediate access to their funds on pay day and employers may avoid time consuming reconciliations and the hassle of lost paychecks. The employee will receive a direct deposit voucher summarizing all current and year to date earnings and deductions. Typically, funds are debited from the employer payroll account 24 hours prior to the pay day and deposited into the employee’s accounts on pay day.

BizChecks Payroll is one of only a few payroll companies to offer this service at no additional charge.  We do this in order to encourage employers to utilize direct deposit and simplify payroll processing.

To establish direct deposit for an employee, simply have the individual complete our direct deposit form and return it to us along with a voided check from the bank for the account they would like established (or letter/print out from the bank if there are no checks for the account, or if the account is a savings).